Looking for Emerging and Upcoming Artists!
Joe and Craig is always on the lookout for new talent 
in the music arena. If you have a CD or Flash drive with MP3 format, send it to us for review and possible inclusion in our playlist!

The Joe and Craig Music Show plays a variety genres. 
The words and music must complement each other and the words must be clear. We do not air any explicit music.

We work with a CD or Flash drive MP3 format, 
or send us a link to your music on YouTube,
Facebook or other social media site.
Please do not send us cassettes because the quality
is too poor for broadcasting purposes. CDs and Flash Drives received will become the property of the Joe and Craig Music Show.
It will be archived whether it has been approved for use or not and kept for further reference.

The music goes through a selection process and 
is approved on the basis of quality and content. If (tracks from the CD or Flash drive are) / the CD or Flash drive is approved, it is also decided which tracks will be loaded onto the system. In so doing, we ensure that we keep on providing the best we can for our listeners, honoring our responsibility towards them, but also giving fair opportunity to new artists. The artist will only be notified if the CD or Flash drive has been approved.
This will happen via e-mail or telephone.
Joe and Craig Music Show